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       Vision Monitoring Services
       One Commercial Ave.
       Garden City, NY 11530
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       Phone: 1-800-545-5222
       Office: 516-294-6492
       Fax: 516-294-6488
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Vision Monitoring Services is a full-service Central Station monitoring center, serving your customers with commitment and a strong service philosophy. Vision Monitoring Services takes a ‘partnering’ approach to handling your customer and their individual needs. When it comes to your central station monitoring needs, Vision Monitoring Services, Inc. is the company to turn to for speed in response, accuracy in assessing situations and efficiency in dealing with them. Our comprehensive solutions and technical know-how, combined with thorough training, help to create the perfect vision for your security needs.

We provide state of the art monitoring services for:

Home Safety
Business Security
Personal Medical Safety
Armed Hold-Up

Retail Openings & Closings
Government Facility Monitoring
Fire Detection
Employee Surveillance

Let us assist you in delivering superior service to your customers day in and day out. A premium alarm company is defined by the quality of their monitoring services. Your customers expect someone reliable to be there to watch over them, ready to respond should an emergency present itself. Dealers who choose Vision Monitoring can expect their customers to receive the finest Central Station Monitoring in the industry. Our highly trained operators, along with our state of the art technology, will provide your customers with the sense of security that they deserve.

We also provide dealers with the tools they need to simplify their daily business operations, including opening and closing reports, as well as some of the most comprehensive monitoring packages available in the industry. Our goal is to watch over them with the same care and concern that we watch over our own loved ones. When you become a part of our growing family, you can rest assured that we will use our vast resources for the task of keeping your customers safe and secure.

Every Central Station Operator we employ at Vision Monitoring meets or exceeds the high standards that we set for them. Each of our operators must undergo a rigorous training period, after which they must pass a qualifying exam that demonstrates their knowledge of monitoring procedures and policies. Only then can they be approved as a Vision Monitoring Central Station Operator. You can be confident that there is a qualified professional on the other end when Vision Monitoring Services is watching over your customers.
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