Q: Why does the Central Station Monitoring Center ask for my passcode every time I call?
A: All Dealers and their customers should expect that we will ask for a passcode whenever they call into the Central Station Monitoring Center. For added protection, we may also ask for your name.

Q: What happens to accounts that are placed on “No Action” for testing purposes when the testing is completed?
A: All technicians should indicate whether they are finished testing an account or request that the account remain on “Test Status” when calling in for the Test results.

Q: What formats do you receive?
A: We receive all major reporting formats

Q: Can we use the 1-800 number for your service?
A: Yes. Absolutely.

Q: Does Vision Monitoring require passcodes for Fire Alarms?
A: Vision Monitoring can configure fire accounts with or without providing a passcode, however, please specify whether you want passcodes required on your Fire Signals.

Q: Whom can I speak with if I need assistant after business hours?
A: A Supervisor is on duty at all times. Our managers carry cellular phones and pagers 24/7 for any emergencies that may arise.

Q: Can my customer or I call in changes to dispatch instructions?
A: Vision Monitoring will only accept changes from the authorized Dealer. All change requests by your customer will be directed to the dealer. Although we prefer changes in writing, we understand some situations make phone changes necessary.

Q: How do you send our reports?
A: We offer reports to customers and dealers by mail, email or fax.

Q: Why does a Dealer Representative refuse to put my account on line because I left the passcode off the monitoring agreement?
A: Without a passcode for each customer, Vision Monitoring cannot verify whether or not an individual is authorized to be present at the premise. Issuing each user their own passcode will ensure a high level of protection at the monitored location. Any incomplete monitoring agreement will not be placed on line.